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We are aware that situations that require forensic knowledge can be a challenge for management and resolution. You need a strong partner who can get to the bottom of the facts, help make sense of it, and reduce the likelihood of it occurring again.

Whether it's investigating a credit card number violation or retrieving sensitive data, we have the experience and ability to dissect even the most complicated forensic cases and take them to their closure. Using the latest in the industry, along with an arsenal of custom tools and the skill of our researchers who work tirelessly to find out what happened to their data and how it was visited.


Forensic investigations

We respond quickly to provide a team of forensic experts to contain the breach, save the data, conduct an investigation, to get your organization back up and running. Our proven methods and techniques enable you to respond appropriately to the attack, ensure your environment and comply with all legal provisions and industry requirements.

We are in unbeatable condition. Along with our numerous certifications and qualifications, you can be sure you won't escape our eyes in our specialized forensic lab with state-of-the-art equipment and software. We offer

  • Verification of non-compliance, data collection and analysis
  • Reverse engineering of a malicious attack or zero-day vulnerabilities
  • Detailed physical inspections to uncover evidence of tampering or other physical violations
  • Application code review takes part in almost any programming language
  • Tips to reduce the risk of future violations
  • Detailed reports that allow you to have a complete and documented view of your case

Data recovery

Malicious employees, hackers, physical disasters, and errors can lead to accidental destruction of critical data. Even if the files or systems fail, it may still be possibleto recover the system content so that your company's operation recovers quickly.

Electronic litigation

Organizations can be in a position where a technical expert is needed to defend a lawsuit. Electronic Litigation provides expert testimony that is sometimes required to support a cause. Proven methods and proper chain of custody of procedures are used to support evidence in a court of law.

Disclosure of non-compliance

Laws and non-compliance requirements can be a clue to understand and follow cases. We help you to keep up with the requirements that apply to your organization in the event of a breach.

Electronic discovery (e-discovery)

In some civil litigation, an electronic discovery may be necessary to extract and analyze electronically stored information that may be relevant to the case. We will not only assist you with data extraction and analysis, but also effectively coordinate efforts with lawyers, staff and elsewhere

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