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When you partner with Yaakov´s GROUP to offer your merchants a customized compliance program, you get much more than just access to our enhanced Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) process and our fully automated vulnerability scanning service.

Depending upon your organization’s wants and needs, you can partner with Yaakov´s GROUP in a manner that facilitates maintaining your organization’s branding and visibility, or you can refer your customers directly to us to handle all aspects of your compliance program. No matter how you choose to handle your program, there are a number of flexible pricing models available to accomplish your goals.



Our goal is to help your merchants become compliant as smoothly as possible. Whether you choose to resell our services or refer your merchants to us, you will have a suite of functionality available to help you manage your merchant compliance program.


When you utilize Yaakov´s GROUP for your merchant compliance program you are able to customize billing options, merchant communication, branding of your web portal, merchant support for the program as well as the enrollment/registration process.

Yaakov´s GROUP can even go as far as customizing the PCI SAQ process for your merchants based on services or hardware that you provide them. There are no cookie-cutter merchant compliance programs here.


Have a web portal of your own? No problem! You can leverage our API to pull down program information to handle your own tracking and reporting or to display compliance information to your customers on your own website.


Within the Yaakov´s GROUP web portal, your customer overview will allow you to monitor your program in as much detail as you would like, including advanced views of your individual customer accounts.

You have access to real-time customer reporting showing important information, including demographic information, compliance statuses and progress details for your merchants’ SAQs and vulnerability scans. Our web portal even generates pre-formatted compliance reports that are required to be submitted to the card brands.


Navigating the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) may seem like a daunting task to merchants. But it doesn’t have to be.

Your merchants get the guidance they need to register for, and navigate through, your compliance program. We assist your merchants through the registration process to help them identify the PCI DSS services that are required of them. Once a merchant registers, they have access to all of the services you select as part of your program, including their SAQ and vulnerability scanning, as they begin their process to validate their compliance with the PCI DSS.


Yaakov´s GROUP offers merchants a step-by-step process to understand each merchant’s unique business, assisting your merchant with selecting their appropriate SAQ validation type.

Our enhanced SAQ is supplemented with additional qualifying questions and help text to better clarify the PCI DSS requirements. Merchants can add their own notes to requirements or send requirement-specific questions to their support team.

Within the SAQ, merchants’ answers are saved in real-time. As they work to complete the SAQ, a results page lets the merchant quickly assess which requirements they have yet to fulfill.


Our fully automated Internet testing service enables your merchants to assess the security of their Internet connection and devices. Our scanning service performs tens of thousands of security tests on all components of a merchant’s Internet infrastructure, including firewalls, routers, web servers and email servers.

Our service is designed to be accurate and complete, easy to configure, easy to manage and easy to understand. Once a scan is completed, the web portal will provide links to additional information about any vulnerabilities found, as well as potential solutions for remediating the vulnerabilities.


Yaakov´s GROUP prides itself on the experience, expertise and level of service provided by our in-house, US-based support team. You merchants have the ability to interface with our support team through our support ticketing system or pick up the phone and speak to a live person. As part of the customization process of your merchant compliance program, we can even work with your dedicated customer service team to set up escalating levels of support.

In addition to our industry-leading support staff, you also have a dedicated point of contact at Yaakov´s GROUP for your partner program who works with you directly to help you to set and achieve the specific goals of your compliance program.

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