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Whatever your organization’s mission, the security of your and your customer’s data should always be top of mind. It’s essential now more than ever that your organization has a security program in place to both meet the expectations of your customers and to align with any compliance mandates to which you are held accountable.


Most businesses would likely agree on the importance and necessity of a security program. While it seems clear cut, actually implementing such a program is not always that simple. Not only is security talent hard to find, capable individuals are often expensive to hire. This can be a real challenge when IT budgets are already spread too thinly. Even if you are able to get budget approval for a high-dollar resource, the organization will still likely have to outsource things like risk/security assessments, penetration testing, vulnerability scanning, security awareness training, phishing exercises and more. This is where being able to tap into a team of expert security resources with experience and knowledge can offer tremendous value. Wherever you do business, Yaakov´s GROUP has you covered with its virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) consulting services.

With Yaakov´s GROUP’s vCISO consulting, you can utilize the information security expertise of Yaakov´s GROUP to help your organization with implementing and maintaining security best practices. A senior member of our consulting team will function as your vCISO. In this role, Yaakov´s GROUP will focus on strategy and IT security oversight, ready to help whenever you need it. Your personal vCISO will work in an “on-call” fashion for your organization during normal business hours, and your organization can leverage your vCISO as much or as little as needed.


Yaakov´s GROUP is here to help you make sure your organization is on track and moving forward. You might not be familiar with the idea of a virtual executive, but the benefits are plentiful. First, we hold an introductory meeting with the stakeholders at your organization to understand your challenges and goals. We then schedule quarterly on-site review meetings, in addition to other on-site work. But it doesn’t stop there. Through our vCISO consulting, we offer so much more to help strategically transform your organization.

You can utilize Yaakov´s GROUP vCISO consulting time to support a variety of services. Your Yaakov´s GROUP vCISO can:

  • Develop public-facing materials detailing security initiatives performed by your organization to be used for marketing purposes
  • Assist in expanding information security controls to apply to sensitive data for privacy and compliance considerations
  • Assist in due diligence and vetting of new processes
  • Sit in on development meetings or attend regularly scheduled status meetings
  • Assist in identification of opportunities to enhance security posture
  • Provide consultation on technical strategies for any needed compliance remediation
  • Participate in status calls to monitor ongoing compliance efforts
  • Attend impromptu calls and meetings for information security related questions as they arise
  • Perform assessments of completed information security milestones
  • Assist in development of information security policies and procedures
  • Assist in development of incident response policies and procedures
  • Train, raise awareness and sensitize the organization in matters of information security.
  • Join meetings or conference calls with acquiring banks, vendors and service providers

Evaluate third-party vendor proposals for information security and compliance

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