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The security of a server is very important to protect the data of possible intruders. The system administrator is responsible for the security of the server. First, it can be said that the physical security of the systems is important

Hardening is the strengthening or hardening of a system, it is the process of securing a system by reducing vulnerabilities. A system has greater vulnerability when more functions or services provide.


In many organizations it is very common to have changes and migrations of Firewalls. Also changes in the administrators of them. Yaakov's Group offers its service of optimization of Firewalls to all those organizations that wish to improve the performance, clean the policies and objects of their equipment.

We provide a guide to good practices, which highlights the planning and design of the firewall. These steps apply whether you are going to deploy a single firewall with limited functions and in a single point or one with all its functions applied to all areas of the company.

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