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Would you know if your IT system has been compromised? Yaakov’s Group threat hunting service recognizes that 100% protection can never be guaranteed, so it is vital to detect a malicious intrusion as quickly as possible. We take a unique approach to achieving this.

Unlike cybersecurity product companies, we maintain a limited scope (we focus on a defined critical perimeter), but we do not restrict the number of alerts that flag suspicious activity. Human analysis reduces the risk of losing an attack, while a focus on anomaly behavior and unwanted changes in authorized programs detect unknown attacks.

Our Threat Hunting service goes beyond automation. By incorporating in-depth expert human analysis, we reduce the risk of automated data analysis into your own missing malicious intrusions. With constantly evolving attack methods, it is difficult for detection tools to stay on top of the threat. While SOCs base detection on a large perimeter of known threats, we consider persistent threats unknown and advanced. And by accepting more false positives, we also greatly reduce false negatives.


Look for the cyber threat to reduce risk.